Johnny Football’s Heisman respnsibilites

Texas A&M’s AD has a chat with Johnny Manziel about Heisman responsibility | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports.

Former St. Louis Ram Super Bowl Champion and current sports talk radio host on 101.1 ESPN in St. Louis Demarco Farr predicted the future with Johnny Football. Leading up to the Heisman vote this season Farr’s co-hosts were endorsing Manziel as their pick to win the Heisman. Demarco Farr agreed that Manzeil’s numbers made him worthy of the award, but argued that it should never go to a freshman. His reasoning was that there is no way that a freshman could handle all of the responsibility and scrutiny that comes from being a Heisman Trophy winner. It’s interesting now looking back to that day because I had never thought about the responsibilities that comes with having the “Heisman Trophy Winner” next to your name. I love the quote from this article from the Texas A&M Athletic Director Eric Heyman

I told them he’s no longer a freshman, and he’s no longer a sophomore, junior or senior. He is a “Heisman.”

It’s (about) education, and we’ve got to help the family and Johnny with the transition into being a Heisman award winner. There are things you have to learn, and we have to help him with that.

That’s a special fraternity, but you also have to understand (Manziel) is 20 years old. It’s a tremendous responsibility — but it is a responsibility.


Denver mayor injured, unable to do Ray Lewis dance

Denver mayor injured, unable to do Ray Lewis dance.

I have always found these bets between mayors, or governors, to be interesting, albeit corny. This one takes the cake though. The mayor of Denver Michael Hancock was set to pay up his losing end of the bet by doing the “Ray Lewis” dance when he came down with an injury. I thought mayors were supposed to play though the pain. What are the odds that Hancock is faking the injury hoping people will forget about it so he doesn’t have to do the dance?

Pretty good rendition of the Ray Lewis dance here

Come on Mayor Hancock. You can’t be put to shame by a light show. Step up your game

Follow up: Denver mayor finally pays up bet 1-29-13

Vegas doing it big: UNLV’s stadium plans look like “JerryWorld” in the desert | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports

Vegas doing it big: UNLV’s stadium plans look like “JerryWorld” in the desert | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports.

Wow. This would be one of the best venues in all of sports, not just college sports. This would be awesome! I would love seeing this being a part of the college football playoff in the future. Would be a great place to host the NCAA Final Four too. Interested to see if this stadium happens.

Kaepernick delivers, 49ers beat Packers 45-31 – Yahoo! Sports

Kaepernick delivers, 49ers beat Packers 45-31 – Yahoo! Sports.

I don’t know what to say.




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