The New Orleans Pelicans unveil new logo

The New Orleans Pelicans unveil the team’s new logo | Ball Don’t Lie – Yahoo! Sports.

Well New Orleans is now going to be known as the Pelicans. It’s an interesting switch to say the least. I wasn’t real whenever I first heard of the change if I liked this or not. My first thought was that the “Pelicans” just doesn’t sound tough enough. I also had no idea why the “Pelicans”, it seemed pretty random to me.

After doing a little reading today I discovered that “Pelicans” in this article that New Orleans and Louisiana consider Pelicans a symbol of the city and the state. That made me like the name a little better,  but it still doesn’t sound tough. Well, take a look around the NBA. The NBA has the Heat, Magic, 76ers, Lakers, Clippers, Knickerbockers, and Celtics. None of those names are “tough’, but are meant to be a reflection of the city that they call home (technically not the Lakers, but they were named the Lakers when they called Minnesota home).

After reading this today and seeing the logo and apparel, I really am liking this name change.


NFL constant: Patriots have racked up wins before and since Spygate – Yahoo! Sports

NFL constant: Patriots have racked up wins before and since Spygate – Yahoo! Sports.

Great column by Jason Cole from Yahoo Sports. The “spygate” saga is one that hits close to home.

February 3rd 2002 is one of the worst days as a sports fan in my life. I had no doubt on that day that my St. Louis Rams were going to win their 2nd Super Bowl in three years. Of course we all know that isn’t what happened. I have never been able to describe what that feeling was like watching Adam Vinatieri’s kick end the game. When “spygate” was revealed a few years later I wanted to join in with many other Rams fans that I know and call the Patriots championships a fraud. I should hate these guys…right?

The reality here is that with or without spygate, the Patriots are the best team of the last decade. This team is a machine. They have the best coach and the best quarterback in the entire NFL. If you look back at the last decade and see the roster turnover around coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady and then look at the consistency that this team has shown it’s pretty remarkable. In a league that trumpets parity, the New England Patriots are consistent frontrunners in the AFC. In the last ten years they have played in 50% of the Super Bowls. They are one of the NFL’s all-time greatest dynasties. It’s funny because I always thought Rams Head Coach Mike Martz was laying it on real thick leading up to that Super Bowl about how good the Patriots were. I remember him doing an interview after he left the Rams and someone in the local media brought that up and I will never forget that Martz just smiled and said “see, I told you that they were good.”

As a fan of the Rams I really wish that I could hate the Patriots. I can’t do that though. I cannot help but respect how good of a football team that they have been. It would not surprise me or bother me in any way if they won it all again this year.

Te’o’s side of the story

Notre Dame stands by Manti Te’o, says he was “perfect mark” for a hoax | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports.

Movie producers have to be lining up for the rights to this story. Here is Te’o’s side of the story. I cannot wait to hear more about this story because I am still not sure what to believe and what is the truth.

Chip Kelly to Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have hired Oregon coach Chip Kelly for their vacant head coaching position said Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie today. Kelly is an offensive innovator that has built Oregon into a college football powerhouse. Oregon went to BCS bowls games in each season that Chip Kelly was the head coach, they have won three Pac 12 championships and played for the National Championship two years ago. Overall Kelly was 46-7 in four seasons as the head coach of the Ducks. Kelly was initially interviewed by the Eagles and other teams (Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills) a few weeks ago before announcing that he would be returning as the Oregon Head Coach and wouldn’t listen to any more NFL offers. According to a USA Today spokesman said Kelly had a “change of heart” on Tuesday night about turning down the Eagles previous offer. What led to Chip Kelly’s change of heart is a matter of speculation.

According to a Yahoo Sports report by Charles Robinson and Rand Getlin on December 19th, Oregon is anticipating an appearance before the NCAA’s committee of infractions this spring. The university had originally attempted to resolve the investigation but failed. The infractions that the NCAA are looking into involves a Texas prep advisor named Will Lyles and a $25,000 payment he received from Oregon in March 2011 for “scouting services”. Lyles said Kelly “scrambled” in late February and asked Lyles to submit retroactive player profiles to justify the $25,000 payment to his company, just days before the transaction was revealed in a March 3 Yahoo Sport report. In July 2011 Will Lyles told Yahoo Sports that the money was to influence recruits to attend Oregon. Lyles insists in the July 2011 report that Oregon didn’t pay him for his work as a scout. The school paid him because of the influence that he had with recruits and their families in hopes that he would advise these top players to attend Oregon. His role as a mentor to recruits and being a paid scouting service for Oregon is the focus of the NCAA probe. Lyles had a hand in getting some of Oregon’s top recruits including former Duck, current NFL player LaMichael James. It should be interesting to see what the infractions committee is able to find.

Did Chip Kelly abandon the burning ship before it sinks the same way Pete Carroll left USC? It sure seems that way given the mounting evidence, and the fact that the football program learned less than a month ago that it probably has a date with the infractions committee. This is reason number one why NCAA players should be able to transfer without penalty when the head coach leaves. But that’s a story for another day. Chip Kelly built the program up and possibly burned it down before leaving the players to face the punishment for a crime they didn’t commit.

Johnny Football’s Heisman respnsibilites

Texas A&M’s AD has a chat with Johnny Manziel about Heisman responsibility | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports.

Former St. Louis Ram Super Bowl Champion and current sports talk radio host on 101.1 ESPN in St. Louis Demarco Farr predicted the future with Johnny Football. Leading up to the Heisman vote this season Farr’s co-hosts were endorsing Manziel as their pick to win the Heisman. Demarco Farr agreed that Manzeil’s numbers made him worthy of the award, but argued that it should never go to a freshman. His reasoning was that there is no way that a freshman could handle all of the responsibility and scrutiny that comes from being a Heisman Trophy winner. It’s interesting now looking back to that day because I had never thought about the responsibilities that comes with having the “Heisman Trophy Winner” next to your name. I love the quote from this article from the Texas A&M Athletic Director Eric Heyman

I told them he’s no longer a freshman, and he’s no longer a sophomore, junior or senior. He is a “Heisman.”

It’s (about) education, and we’ve got to help the family and Johnny with the transition into being a Heisman award winner. There are things you have to learn, and we have to help him with that.

That’s a special fraternity, but you also have to understand (Manziel) is 20 years old. It’s a tremendous responsibility — but it is a responsibility.

Denver mayor injured, unable to do Ray Lewis dance

Denver mayor injured, unable to do Ray Lewis dance.

I have always found these bets between mayors, or governors, to be interesting, albeit corny. This one takes the cake though. The mayor of Denver Michael Hancock was set to pay up his losing end of the bet by doing the “Ray Lewis” dance when he came down with an injury. I thought mayors were supposed to play though the pain. What are the odds that Hancock is faking the injury hoping people will forget about it so he doesn’t have to do the dance?

Pretty good rendition of the Ray Lewis dance here

Come on Mayor Hancock. You can’t be put to shame by a light show. Step up your game

Follow up: Denver mayor finally pays up bet 1-29-13


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