Jim Harbaugh’s Sharpie secret is uncovered

Jim Harbaugh’s Sharpie secret is uncovered.

This is why I love Super Bowl Week. How could I possibly watch the game without  knowing these things. Hopefully we found out who’s the favorite super hero.



Te’o’s side of the story

Notre Dame stands by Manti Te’o, says he was “perfect mark” for a hoax | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports.

Movie producers have to be lining up for the rights to this story. Here is Te’o’s side of the story. I cannot wait to hear more about this story because I am still not sure what to believe and what is the truth.

Denver mayor injured, unable to do Ray Lewis dance

Denver mayor injured, unable to do Ray Lewis dance.

I have always found these bets between mayors, or governors, to be interesting, albeit corny. This one takes the cake though. The mayor of Denver Michael Hancock was set to pay up his losing end of the bet by doing the “Ray Lewis” dance when he came down with an injury. I thought mayors were supposed to play though the pain. What are the odds that Hancock is faking the injury hoping people will forget about it so he doesn’t have to do the dance?

Pretty good rendition of the Ray Lewis dance here

Come on Mayor Hancock. You can’t be put to shame by a light show. Step up your game

Follow up: Denver mayor finally pays up bet 1-29-13



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