NFL constant: Patriots have racked up wins before and since Spygate – Yahoo! Sports

NFL constant: Patriots have racked up wins before and since Spygate – Yahoo! Sports.

Great column by Jason Cole from Yahoo Sports. The “spygate” saga is one that hits close to home.

February 3rd 2002 is one of the worst days as a sports fan in my life. I had no doubt on that day that my St. Louis Rams were going to win their 2nd Super Bowl in three years. Of course we all know that isn’t what happened. I have never been able to describe what that feeling was like watching Adam Vinatieri’s kick end the game. When “spygate” was revealed a few years later I wanted to join in with many other Rams fans that I know and call the Patriots championships a fraud. I should hate these guys…right?

The reality here is that with or without spygate, the Patriots are the best team of the last decade. This team is a machine. They have the best coach and the best quarterback in the entire NFL. If you look back at the last decade and see the roster turnover around coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady and then look at the consistency that this team has shown it’s pretty remarkable. In a league that trumpets parity, the New England Patriots are consistent frontrunners in the AFC. In the last ten years they have played in 50% of the Super Bowls. They are one of the NFL’s all-time greatest dynasties. It’s funny because I always thought Rams Head Coach Mike Martz was laying it on real thick leading up to that Super Bowl about how good the Patriots were. I remember him doing an interview after he left the Rams and someone in the local media brought that up and I will never forget that Martz just smiled and said “see, I told you that they were good.”

As a fan of the Rams I really wish that I could hate the Patriots. I can’t do that though. I cannot help but respect how good of a football team that they have been. It would not surprise me or bother me in any way if they won it all again this year.


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