Yogi Berra is going to be tweeting soon

This is the best news that I have seen all week. Yogisms are awesome! Now we just need Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon up next in the twitter world.



If Twitter had been invented in 1950, Yogi Berra, his quick wit and fun quips would have owned it. It’s 2013 now and Yogi is pushing 90, but he’s still going to give it the old college try:


Could be fun, but I dunno. No one uses Twitter anymore. It’s too popular.

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Chudzinski hire creates confusion, no buzz – AFC North Blog – ESPN

Chudzinski hire creates confusion, no buzz – AFC North Blog – ESPN.

To me this is the equivalent of whenever the Indians hired Lou Brown. I honestly don’t know much about “Chud”, but this hiring definitely lacks splash or name recognition.

Craig Biggio Has Every Right to Feel Snubbed After HOF Vote | Bleacher Report

Craig Biggio Has Every Right to Feel Snubbed After HOF Vote | Bleacher Report.

I couldn’t agree more. Craig Biggio deserves to be in the hall of fame. I know that some will say that he’s not a “first-ballot” guy but I think that is baloney. I don’t understand the need to not vote for someone who a writer may think is worthy, but not worthy as a “first-ballot” guy. I think that a player is either a hall of famer, or they are not. I don’t understand people using the “first-ballot” excuse to postpone a player being inducted to somehow quantify their greatness.

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Another aspect that I love about sports is the entertainment value that it brings. As passionate as sports can be some times and as crazy as some of us get about them, it is just a game. One of the reasons the world of sports so entertaining to follow is the characters that are involved.  I love finding amusement inside the world of sports. So hopefully, you can find my blog amusing as well as thought-provoking.

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