Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

Funny how such a short amount of time changes things. Last week I wrote this blog entry on Lance Armstrong

While it’s difficult for me to condone cheating in sports (I have an upcoming piece about the baseball Hall of Fame voting) I am glad that Lance Armstrong is finally going to come clean and admit what many have suspected for years. I applaud him for finally doing the right thing.

I think that some of the Major League Baseball players who have been suspected or caught cheating could take a lesson from this. It’s my opinion that our society for the most part is a very forgiving society. We have forgiven athletes, actors, celebrities, and even President’s for making mistakes. As a society as long as someone comes out and tell us “hey, I messed up” I think that we have been pretty quick to forgive. What bothers me with some of the baseball players is how they have profusely denied any wrong doing. Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and even Pete Rose to an extent would have done themselves a great service in admitting to their wrong doing and facing up to it. Players that have been caught and flat-out admitted their mistakes, instead of hiding behind a flimsy excuse, have been welcomed back into the game. Andy Petite is a good example of that. When he was caught he didn’t make any excuses, he stood up like a man and admitted that he cheated. By doing that, he never became as vilified as some of the others that were caught and tried to convince everyone it was some sort of mistake. I applaud the guys who stand up and take the consequences like men.

None of us know what ulterior motive that Lance Armstrong has now to confess to cheating. He may realize that he is backed into a corner, and there is nowhere to go, it may be to save his image and the image of Livestrong, and it may be financially motivated. Whatever his motivation is for confessing I still applaud him for FINALLY doing the right thing.


via Lance Armstrong to confess to doping during TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, report says – ESPN « zipsports.

Wow. How things change in a just a short amount of time. I was on here last week giving Lance Armstrong credit for finally confessing to his performance enhancing drug use. After reading more and more on the subject, my initial reaction is that Lance Armstrong is a horrible human being. All of the things that I have read about him basically using his power to extort people sounds really sick. I will wait for the Oprah interview to come out, and  hear all sides of the argument before I post a final blog on the Lance Armstrong “legacy”.

Good video from First Take. I can honestly say for once that I agree with  both of them.



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