Back in the swing

After ten plus days of technically difficulties with my laptop, I am back. I guess if there were a good time for this to happen to me, it would be during the slowest part of the sports calendar. There have been some noteworthy stories in that time however that I will be sure to touch on at some point. Stories like the newest PED scandal in Major League Baseball, and the possibility that Chris Carpenter may have thrown his last pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals. Also, a belated happy birthday to Michael Jordan.

The upcoming weeks are an exciting time to be a sports fan. Baseball teams are starting to gear things up under the Florida sun while we wait patiently in the cold for baseball and the warm weather to return home. College Basketball is winding down the conference season gearing up for Championship Week to decide the conference champions. Then the best playoff system in sports takes place, March Madness. I love when the tourney starts knowing it builds to a crescendo until it ends and turns things over to baseball season. Looking very forward to March!


New Musial T-Shirt


A co-worker of mine found this on pinterest so I had to order one. This shirt is perfection. A salute to “The Man” and a swipe at Albert. Best of both worlds.


When an irresistible force (Umpire Ron Luciano) met a reprovable, and removable object (Manager Earl Weaver)

Great find in the Sports Illustrated vault. With the recent passing of Earl Weaver I couldn’t help but remember all of the stories that I had heard about his famous run ins with umpires. Many years ago I read Ron Luciano’s books: The Umpire Strikes Back, and Strike Two. I was looking for those books recently when I stumbled across this terrific article. This is worth the time it takes to read it. This makes me really want to read those books again.

Clinic records suggest Alex Rodriguez purchased HGH as recently as 2012; other players named | HardballTalk

Clinic records suggest Alex Rodriguez purchased HGH as recently as 2012; other players named | HardballTalk.

I would say that this is a “bombshell”, but it anything really a bombshell anymore when it comes to PED’s? It’s still just as it has always been. The users are still staying one step ahead of the testers. As long as they are able to, players will cheat to gain an advantage. If Larry “Bud” Selig was really serious about cleaning up the game, the penalties would be much stiffer. It’s about risk/reward. Players are not afraid of getting caught because the suspensions aren’t very severe. If a player has an opportunity to maximize their earnings, and make an extra $10-$15 by cheating and the risk is being suspended for 50 games the player is more likely to cheat. If that same player has to risk a lifetime ban for taking PED’s, I think they would think long and hard about that before subjecting themselves to doping.

Swinging Stan The Man

Pardon me for the next few days when I pay tribute to the greatest player for the number one love in my life, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Budweiser tribute to Stan Musial


Wonderful picture from the King of Beers. This picture will appear as an ad in and upcoming Sports Illustrated

Earl Weaver’s Greatest Hits

Here are a couple of Earl Weaver’s finest moments. I love these! They are hilarious. Must warn you that there is strong language in both of these videos.

The Man

Photo: The greatest Cardinal of them all, Stan "The Man" Musial, died today at 92. Share your thoughts.

Ever since that I first heard the news of Stan Musial’s passing, I have wondered what to say about him in my blog. I wish that I had more experience doing this because I want what I write about him to sound perfect. I have thought about how that I wanted to honor him, and if I should use other people’s words to help describe the greatness of “The Man.”

For those who don’t live in St. Louis there really is no way to describe the love affair between city and person. It’s hard to describe the emotion felt simultaneously from 50,000 fans anytime he would be whisked into Busch Stadium to smile and wave to the fans. You can feel the emotion here     Stan was an icon and was loved by everyone in our baseball crazed city. I can honestly say that I have never heard a bad thing in my life about Stan Musial. And I have been hearing stories about him my entire life. Between my father and my grandfathers I was told about his greatness from a very young age.  His greatness to me is defined by a mixture of hall of fame worthy statistics, and being a hall of fame worthy human being. I have read and heard so many stories the last few days about his character and how great of a person he was. You can find examples of those all over the internet. I am going to honor this legend with the story of the one time that I personally met “The Man”.

When I was 14 years old Stan Musial was signing autograph’s one Saturday morning in the St. Louis Galleria. I waited in a long line to get it, but it was well worth the wait whenever it was my turn.

“The Man”: Heya there buddy

me: Hi

“The Man”: you a ballplayer?

me: yes sir

“The Man”: atta boy!! what position do you play?

I won’t go into the whole conversation because I honestly don’t remember all of it but he asked my 10-15 questions about baseball and left me with the advice to always “get my uniform dirty”. For those few minutes I was standing with one of the great baseball icons and he was the one making me feel important. There just aren’t many like Stan Musial out there. I am glad that I got the opportunity to meet “The Man” and I am glad he was ours.

St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial dies at age 92 – ESPN


St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial dies at age 92 – ESPN.

Sad day in St. Louis. I don’t even know what to say yet. The greatest player of my favorite franchise has passed away. There will definitely be more to come from me regarding Stan The Man Musial.

Hall of Famer Earl Weaver, former manager of Baltimore Orioles, dies at 82 – ESPN

Hall of Famer Earl Weaver, former manager of Baltimore Orioles, dies at 82 – ESPN.

Sad day for baseball. Earl Weaver was an icon. Will never forget his quote about when he died he wanted them to put “the sorest loser who ever lived” on his tombstone.


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