The worst month for sports


February is the absolute worst. Football season is over, as much as the executives at ESPN try to convince us otherwise. Spring Training is underway and although people claim ‘baseball is here” it’s still hard for me to get excited when St. Louis still has a few inches of snow sitting on the ground. On Thursday the St. Louis metro area was basically shut down due to snow. While I was trapped indoors for the better part of two days, it made me realize that this is my least favorite time of year on the sports calendar.

Baseball is, has, and always will be my favorite sport. I cannot wait until baseball season starts so this time of year is torture. While I am the cold of St. Louis and my view the last few days has been the picture above, the players are being shown on TV playing catch under the Florida sun. The cold weather and snow leave me very hungry for some warm weather and baseball. Watching the players in Spring Training play catch is nothing but a tease to me. I compare it to someone putting a thick, juicy steak in front of me on the dinner table and telling me that I have to wait an hour until I can eat it, even though it is sitting there right in front of me. It’s gotten to the point that it’s hard for me to watch Spring Training coverage on TV. The bad thing is, there really isn’t anything to distract me from it right now.

The St. Louis Blues have a decent distraction but I am not a huge hockey fan. I have always been a Blues fan, but their games aren’t what I would call “must see tv” until the postseason begins. We don’t have an NBA team here in “the Lou” so I have never really been a fan of the NBA game. I really don’t pay much attention to the NBA until the Conference Finals. I love NCAA Basketball but at this point of the season it’s just building toward the best month in sports. The NCAA Tournament is what begins to get me over winter, and looking forward to baseball season.

My winter blues start going away whenever the NCAA Conference Tournaments begin. It the bigger conferences these tournaments many times don’t matter to many teams except for seeding purposes. The beauty to me lies in the smaller conference tournaments where teams are fighting for their only shot at getting into “the dance.” We have a good conference tournament locally. The Missouri Valley Conference tournament, called “Arch Madness”, takes place in St. Louis and it is one of those tournaments. The Valley usually only gets one team, sometimes two, into the NCAA tournament. Selection Sunday is one of those things that I would consider “must see tv.” Those first four days of the tournament are like Christmas for me, the 2nd weekend is like New Years Eve. The NCAA Tournament also makes it ok for me to follow Spring Training because that’s when I can feel baseball coming.

I am sick of the winter. I am ready for spring.


Butler Bulldogs vs. Saint Louis Billikens – Recap – January 31, 2013 – ESPN

Butler Bulldogs vs. Saint Louis Billikens – Recap – January 31, 2013 – ESPN.

Big win for the Billikens. I will totally admit that of all of my favorite teams, SLU is the team that I am a “bandwagon” fan. I do love it when they are good, but when it comes to college hoops, Mizzou is my team. I do however like the Billikens and this was huge win tonight for the program. Rick Majerus would be proud of this team. This is exactly why SLU has always needed an on campus arena, for nights like tonight. Very happy right now for SLU.

Secrets of Super Bowl Quarterbacks – ESPN

Secrets of Super Bowl Quarterbacks – ESPN.

Great find today on ESPN. Personal stories from quarterbacks that played in the Super Bowl.

Congrats Soccer…you have done it again.

Thanks to Deadspin for this addition of “Congrats Soccer…you have done it again.

VIDEO: Soccer fan runs onto field, makes terrible attempt at tackling goalie

Eden Hazard will be held to highest contempt – ESPN FC.

Truth be told, I absolutely hate soccer.  Jim Rome sums up my feelings here:

There isn’t anything about the game that interests me in any way at all. Except when dumb things happen on the “pitch”. This is one of those things. Can you imagine a baseball player hitting a bat boy?

More Jim Rome takes on Soccer. These are hilarious

Live-tweeting: Smart way to relive classics – Sports Business News, Analysis – Dollars Blog – ESPN Playbook – ESPN

Live-tweeting: Smart way to relive classics – Sports Business News, Analysis – Dollars Blog – ESPN Playbook – ESPN.

Very interesting idea from ESPN’s Darren Rovell. I was watching the classic Kobe game yesterday while I was on Twitter. I loved the fact that Kobe was also watching the game and commenting on it as it was being shown. It did make it much more interesting knowing Kobe’s thoughts about the game as I was watching. I would love to see this done more often.

St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial dies at age 92 – ESPN


St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial dies at age 92 – ESPN.

Sad day in St. Louis. I don’t even know what to say yet. The greatest player of my favorite franchise has passed away. There will definitely be more to come from me regarding Stan The Man Musial.

Hall of Famer Earl Weaver, former manager of Baltimore Orioles, dies at 82 – ESPN

Hall of Famer Earl Weaver, former manager of Baltimore Orioles, dies at 82 – ESPN.

Sad day for baseball. Earl Weaver was an icon. Will never forget his quote about when he died he wanted them to put “the sorest loser who ever lived” on his tombstone.

The craziness continues

Another Te’o twist

Friend says Ronaiah Tuiasosopo confessed to Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax – ESPN.

This story on now claims Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is taking full responsibility for this hoax. Is it the truth? A smokescreen? Is this guy jumping on the sword for Te’o? Nobody really knows yet.

I like what Stephen A. Smith had to say about it via twitter

I normally don’t agree with Stephen A. Smith but I think he has a great point here.

Dead Spin Author Discusses Notre Dame Star’s Revelation | Video – ABC News

Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax: Dead Spin Author Discusses Notre Dame Star’s Revelation | Video – ABC News.

Deadspin author on ABC News this morning revealing the “tip” Deadspin was given in order to investigate the Manti Te’o hoax.

I know there are many out there that are on Manti Te’o overload right now since the story broke barely 24 hours ago but I cannot stop looking. This is one of the most fascinating scandals that I can ever remember in sports. This is something that we just haven’t seen before. I am anxiously awaiting for all of the facts in this story to come out. I have read countless things in the past 24 hours on the subject and I am still greatly confused by this whole story. I was really hoping that he was going to speak this afternoon with a reporter but apparently he is waiting to do that through his new agent. It doesn’t look good for him right now but I am waiting for all of the facts to come out before I pass judgement either way. In the meantime, I cannot get enough of the Te’o jokes.


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